By Ben Golliver
April 06, 2014

Knicks guard J.R. Smith set an NBA record by attempting 22 three-pointers during New York's 102-91 road loss to Miami on Sunday.

Prior to Sunday, Damon Stoudamire held the NBA record for most three-point attempts in a game when he launched 21 for the Blazers in a April 15, 2005, loss to the Warriors. Stoudamire went 5-for-21 that night, finishing with 18 points.

Smith shot 11-for-28 overall and 10-for-22 from downtown to finish with a team-high 32 points, five rebounds and three assists in 43 minutes. His 10 three-pointers set a Knicks franchise record; Smith, Carmelo Anthony, Latrell Sprewell (twice), John Starks and Toney Douglas previously shared the record with nine.

''You do your job and you live with the results,'' Heat forward LeBron James said of Smith's performance, according to the Associated Press. ''We lived with the result of J.R. making some of those bombs.''

Here's the new leaderboard for most three-point attempts in a game in NBA history.

  • 1. J.R. Smith, 2013-14 Knicks: 22
  • 2. Damon Stoudamire, 2004-05 Blazers: 21
  • T-3. Vince Carter, 2006-07 Nets: 20
  • T-3. Michael Adams, 1990-91 Nuggets: 20
  • T-3. George McCloud, 1995-96 Mavericks: 20
  • T-6. Dennis Scott, 1992-93 Magic: 19
  • T-6. Donyell Marshall, 2004-05 Raptors: 19
  • T-8. Kobe Bryant, 2002-03 Lakers: 18
  • T-8. J.R. Smith, 2008-09 Nuggets:18
  • T-8. Joe Dumars, 1994-95 Pistons:18
  • T-8. Dee Brown, 1998-99 Raptors:18

ESPN Stats & Information added these notes on Smith's night.

  • Smith was quick to pull the trigger, with 17 of his 22 attempts coming on catch-and-shoots (a shot within 2 seconds of receiving a pass).
  • 14 of Smith's 22 attempts were contested. Smith was 6 of 14 on contested 3-pointers (42.9 percent) and 4 of 8 on open attempts.
  • Smith attempted 28 field goals Sunday but none of them came from inside the paint. Since 1996-97, Smith's 28 field goal attempts were the most with no paint attempts.

Smith attempted three three-pointers in the first quarter, five in the second quarter, four in the third quarter, and 10 in the fourth quarter, as New York attempted to make a comeback.

"Jesus Christ," Knicks guard Raymond Felton said, according to the Wall Street Journal, when informed of Smith's record-setting night.

New York fell to 33-45 with the loss to Miami, falling two games back of No. 8 seed Atlanta with four games remaining on their schedule.

Video via YouTube user NBA

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