By Ben Golliver
April 16, 2014

Kevin Durant (left) and LeBron James (right) can turn their attention to chasing a title during the 2014 NBA Playoffs. (Layne Murdoch/Getty Images)Kevin Durant and LeBron James can now turn their attention to chasing a title during the 2014 NBA Playoffs. (Layne Murdoch/Getty Images)

It took until the final night of the season, but all eight series matchups for the 2014 NBA playoffs are finally set.

The 16-team playoff field was finalized on Monday, but more than half the seeds were still left to be determined entering the final night of the 2013-14 regular season Wednesday.

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The Spurs and Pacers own the No. 1 seeds in the West and East, respectively. San Antonio (62-20) possesses the top overall record and will enjoy homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs.

Here's a look at the eight first-round match-ups. The first team in each match-up will possess home-court advantage.


No. 1 Indiana Pacers (56-26) vs. No. 8 Atlanta Hawks (38-44)

No. 2 Miami Heat (54-28) vs. No. 7 Charlotte Bobcats (43-39)

No. 3 Toronto Raptors (48-34) vs. No. 6 Brooklyn Nets (44-38)

No. 4 Chicago Bulls (48-34) vs. No. 5 Washington Wizards (44-38)


No. 1 San Antonio Spurs (62-20) vs. No. 8 Dallas Mavericks (49-33)

No. 2 Oklahoma City Thunder (59-23) vs. No. 7 Memphis Grizzlies (50-32)

No. 3 L.A. Clippers (57-25) vs. No. 6 Golden State Warriors (51-31)

No. 4 Houston Rockets (54-28) vs. No. 5 Portland Trail Blazers (54-28)

Toronto won the tiebreaker over Chicago for the East's No. 3 seed by virtue of winning the Atlantic Division, while Chicago finished second to Indiana in the Central Division.

Washington won the tiebreaker over Brooklyn for the East's No. 5 seed by virtue of winning the season series, 3-0.

Houston won the tiebreaker over Portland for the West's No. 4 seed by virtue of winning the season series, 3-1.

The 2014 playoffs will begin on Saturday.

Additionally, the end of the 2013-14 season has officially locked in the order for the 14 teams that will be represented at the 2014 NBA draft lottery. That group is ranked as follows, from the best odds at landing the No. 1 pick to the worst odds. Each team's chances at winning the No. 1 selection are included.

1. Milwaukee Bucks  (15-67) -- 25 percent)

2. Philadelphia 76ers (19-63) -- 19.9 percent

3. Orlando Magic (23-59) -- 15.6 percent

T-4. Utah Jazz (25-57) -- 10.35 percent

T-4. Boston Celtics (25-57) -- 10.35 percent

6. L.A. Lakers (27-55) -- 6.3 percent

7. Sacramento Kings (28-54) -- 3.6 percent

8. Detroit Pistons (29-53) -- 3.5 percent

9. Cleveland Cavaliers (33-49) -- 1.7 percent

10. New Orleans Pelicans (34-48) -- 0.7 percent

11. Denver Nuggets (36-46) -- 0.8 percent*

12. New York Knicks (37-45) -- 1.1 percent*

13. Minnesota Timberwolves (40-42) -- 0.6 percent

14. Phoenix Suns (48-34) -- 0.5 percent

A random drawing will break the tie between the Jazz and Celtics for the fourth spot, with the winner receiving 1) a fractional advantage when it comes to the ping pong balls, and 2) the better spot in the draft order if neither team jumps into the top three spots via the lottery.

New York owes its first-round pick to Denver, who in turn owes Orlando a first-round pick. The Nuggets will keep whichever pick is better between their selection and the Knicks' selection, once the lottery has been conducted.

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