By Ben Golliver
April 25, 2014

Hawks guard Jeff Teague nailed an off-balanced three-pointer and then celebrated with a Michael Jordan-esque shrug late in Atlanta's 98-85 victory over Indiana in Game 3 on Thursday night.

With just under three minutes remaining and Atlanta leading 84-78, Teague found himself working against a dwindling shot clock. Dribbling hard towards the left sideline in an attempt to turn the corner on Luis Scola, Teague ran out of both time and space and found himself with no choice but to hurl up a prayer.

The actual shot was rather unorthodox: a leaning, double-clutch three with the taller Scola all over him. The high degree-of-difficulty didn't stop the shot from falling, though, and the Philips Arena crowd went nuts in response. Feeling half-lucky, half-unconscious, Teague shrugged his shoulders in a scene reminiscent of the 1992 NBA Finals. Scola, unfortunately, found himself cast as a new-age Cliff Robinson.

Video replays revealed that Teague actually stepped out of bounds prior to launching his circus try, but the shot was allowed to stand because the out-of-bounds call was not reviewable under the league's instant replay guidelines.

Teague finished with a team-high 22 points (on 7-for-20 shooting) and 10 assists to lead Atlanta. Kyle Korver chipped in 20 points (on 6-for-9 shooting) and six rebounds in the win.

Lance Stephenson led the pacers with 21 points (on 8-for-16 shooting), three rebounds, four assists and three steals. David West added 16 points (on 7-for-13 shooting), seven rebounds and five assists in a losing effort.

Atlanta (No. 8) took a 2-1 series lead over Indiana (No. 1) in their first-round playoff series.

Video via YouTube user G4NBAVideosHD

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