By Ben Golliver
May 02, 2014

Vince Carter turned in a candidate for the "Flop of the Year" during Game 6 between the Mavericks and Spurs on Friday.

With a little under six minutes to go in regulation and San Antonio leading 92-91, Carter found himself defending Kawhi Leonard on the perimeter. Leonard pushed off slightly with his left hand, making minor contact with Carter. In response, Carter turned and launched himself backwards, flinging his upper body nearly to the ground.

The response was totally inconsistent with the level of contact.

There have been zero flop warnings during the 2014 NBA playoffs. During the 2013 playoffs, the NBA removed the free warning given to floppers during the regular season and imposed a $5,000 fine upon the first offense.

The Point Forward handed out the Second Annual Floppies to highlight the top flops of the 2013-14 season.

Video via YouTube user cjzerovids | Hat tip: @CJZero

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