By Rob Mahoney
May 28, 2014

The NBA has fined Spurs center Tiago Splitter $5,000 for flopping against Serge Ibaka during Oklahoma City's 105-92 home victory over San Antonio in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals on Tuesday night.

Splitter is just the second player to be punished for violating the league's anti-flop program during the 2014 playoffs after Indiana's Lance Stephenson was hit with a $5,000 fine last week. The postseason program removes the free warning given to players during the regular season and assesses a fine on the first flopping offense.

With roughly seven and a half minutes remaining in the second quarter and Oklahoma City leading 34-26, Ibaka looked to receive a pass at the elbow. He placed his arm against Splitter's chest to establish a passing angle and Splitter responded immediately and emphatically as if he had been shoved. There was no whistle on the play, and Splitter returned to his feet immediately to resume his defense of Ibaka without complaint.

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Splitter will now be subject to the postseason fine scale for flopping.

Violation 1: $5,000 fine

Violation 2: $10,000 fine

Violation 3: $15,000 fine

Violation 4: $30,000 fine

If a player violates the anti-flopping rule five times or more, he will be subject to discipline that is reasonable under the circumstances, including an increased fine and/or suspension.

Tuesday was a frustrating night for Splitter, who scored just three points and notched a single rebound in under 20 minutes of action. The Spurs were hammered in the first half en route to a double-digit loss.

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