OK, so the Toronto Raptors might not have been entirely honest about their recent injury reports. It's either that or they wanted to take things very, very easy on Kyle Lowry.

The Raptors' 35-year-old guard was asked Wednesday night about those four straight "rest" games and how exactly he's feeling now that he's back on the court.

"I'm fully healthy and I'm very well-rested," he said grinning childishly. "I'm fully healthy and I'm very well-rested"

Raptors coach Nick Nurse had previously said Lowry was missing those "rest" games due to his lingering toe infection, though he walked back that statement on Sunday prior to Toronto's game against Oklahoma City.

"Well, I guess his toe is better and he's able to play but he's resting," Nurse said.

Last week the NBA fined the Raptors for misreporting information on their injury report. Toronto had initially ruled OG Anunoby out for rest but later changed that to right knee swelling just hours before the game. Strangely, Anunoby's injury changed the following game as he was ruled out with a left calf strain.

"It was nice to have some time off and rest," Anunoby said. "But I was working out during the time, so it's not like I just took a break in the middle of the year. But it was definitely nice to have my legs feel a little bit fresher than they were a couple of weeks ago."

After their tanking hopes went awry with three straight wins, Toronto welcomes back the starters on Wednesday and knocked off the Brooklyn Nets to make it four straight.

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