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Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse isn't one to let things go easily, at least not during NBA games.

It's why he and Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic were bickering at one another down the stretch of Wednesday night's game. Doncic, who torched the Raptors for 41 points, 14 rebounds, and eight assists, was palming the ball on nearly every possession. It wasn't particularly unusual, nothing that doesn't happen on nearly every other possession. And yet, Nurse was livid, still fuming over the turnover the referees slapped OG Anunoby with for palming the ball late in the third quarter.

"Every time I was going down the offensive end he was yelling carry," Doncic said post-game. "You can't yell carry on ever offense. It's not a carry."

By the letter of the law, Nurse was probably right. On the possession immediately following Anunoby's turnover, Doncic appeared to carry the ball for a split second, but turnovers like that are just rarely called. 

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Nurse's temper didn't cool off much in the final minute when Raptors rookie Scottie Barnes strangely sagged off Doncic, allowing the Slovenian star to take a wide-open step-back jumper to promptly hit to clinch the game for the Mavericks. 

"I probably would have guarded him harder," said Nurse who had calmed by then.

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