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'I Believe': Alperen Sengun Has Championship-Level Faith in Rockets

The Houston Rockets are young and raw, but have all the tools to one day rise from the depths of the NBA. Count Alperen Sengun in for the ride.

The Houston Rockets had one of the worst records in franchise history last season, as their 20-62 mark was good for last in the league. 

Alperen Sengun seems to have a short memory when it comes to this, but that's exactly what the team needs. Instead of dwelling on the lows of his rookie year, he's focusing on the promise that lies ahead - and could be predicting a championship in the process. 

Based on the young talent the Rockets have put together, he might not be far off. After all, championship-winning teams have to rise from the depths at some point. 

“Maybe not this season, maybe next season, but I believe in time we’re going to be the best in this league,” Sengun said. “I believe this. I think my teammates believe this, too. We’re gonna be the best in this league, one day. I believe this.”

This belief seems to echo strongly throughout the team.

“That’s a fact,” Jalen Green said. “Sooner than later.”

The departure of Christian Wood to the Dallas Mavericks means Sengun could be in line for a starting role in Houston's frontcourt this season. Last year as a rookie, Sengun averaged 9.6 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 2.6 assists, all while showing polished floor instincts and feel that is rarely seen in a first-year player.

He also proved that he's confident at shooting from deep when left open. He made just 29 of 117 3-pointers last season (24.8 percent), but those are numbers that show he's already got the right mindset as a shooter.

Combine this with the championship-winning mindset he has at just 20-year-old, and the Rockets and coach Stephen Silas are on clearly doing something right on the path toward being great again. 

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