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Kendall Brown Could Play a Vital Role for Thunder as a Secondary Scorer

Kendall Brown is used to providing help for primary scorers on the basketball court. After a good freshman season at Baylor he's looking to make himself a lottery pick.

Kendall Brown is used to playing as a secondary playmaker.

In his lone season at Baylor, Brown showed immense amounts of versatility and skills, despite not being a primary option. His offensive skill set is intriguing for the NBA level. At 6-foot-8 and 205 pounds, he could play either forward position and be a key piece on the interior.

Unlike his Baylor counterpart, Jeremy Sochan, Brown’s 3-point shooting isn’t an eyesore to his game. Last season he posted a 34.1% mark for beyond the arc while shooting an impressive 58.4% from the field.

Brown also scored just under 10 points per game coming in at 9.7, and grabbed nearly five rebounds per game with 4.9.

Brown was elite in his role player position at Baylor and has the makings to be the same way with whatever NBA team nabs him in the draft.

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Brown is a projected late-lottery pick who will most likely be available for OKC’s second lottery selection. Brown is tabbed as the fourth-best forward in the class. His skillset would suit the Thunder well.

The Thunder aren’t looking for a primary scoring option. They have those with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Josh Giddey, among others. But they need interior help who can score and be versatile defensively. That’s where Brown comes in. On defense, Brown is extremely versatile with athleticism and the frame to defend multiple positions.

Brown may not be the most elite prospect in the draft, but he has the skills to have a long NBA career most likely as a valuable role player.

“I have always dreamt of playing in the NBA and I want to do everything I can to make that dream a reality this spring and summer,” Brown wrote in a Twitter post. 

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