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NBA Draft Board: USC’s Evan Mobley

Ahead of the 2021 NBA Draft, we’re breaking down 20 of the best prospects in the class.

In the 2021 NBA Draft, the Oklahoma City Thunder own one lottery pick at No. 6 overall. If they were to move up in the draft, one of the prospects they could target is Evan Mobley who most recently played for USC.


Mobley projects to be the best big man in this class with what he can bring to the table. A 7-footer, he has the versatility to dominate inside but can also bring the ball up the floor and knock down jumpers as the perfect modern big.


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There’s not a more perfect fit to the mold of the ideal modern NBA center than Mobley. With the ability to play both power forward and center, he’s also a capable ball-handler and can bring it up the floor to push the tempo off the rebound. In fact, he was one of the best in the country in transition.

On the defensive side of the ball, Mobley has excellent instincts and should be able to defend multiple positions as a 7-footer. Overall, his natural feel for the game is off the charts, making him a good candidate for making the biggest impact on his team as a rookie.


While he’ll still be effective, Mobley doesn’t have the frame that projects him to ever be a bruiser inside. With a more finesse style of play and body, he may always be a thin center.

While Mobley is able to knock down 3-pointers, he could certainly improve on that end become more consistent. On the interior, he’ll need to add a few more go-to moves in the post with the level of competition he will face at the NBA level.