Oklahoma City's Options with the 6th Overall Pick

Oklahoma City has officially landed the 6th pick, leaving plenty of options for Thunder general manager Sam Presti in the 2021 NBA Draft.
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It’s official, the Oklahoma City Thunder have landed the 6th pick.

There’s a clear cut top-five prospects, and the Thunder now have their pick beyond that.

Luck wasn’t in Oklahoma City’s favor Tuesday night, but there are still plenty of solid options past the top five.

With a war chest of assets and a loaded draft class, Oklahoma City general manager Sam Presti still has options.

The top five are nearly set in stone at this point, leaving plenty of options at No. 6.

The most likely sixth option is Scottie Barnes.

The top defensive prospect in the draft, Barnes has legit potential to guard every position at the next level. He also has a knack for playmaking, a valuable attribute for a primary defender. His offense needs some major work, but should he work out those kinks, he’ll have cornerstone potential.

There’s also Keon Johnson, who is one of the more explosive athletes in the class. Johnson has potential to be a go-to scorer in the league and his athleticism makes up for his streaky shooting, and also makes him a viable defender. With the right development, Johnson will be a long-time starter.

No matter who the Thunder pick, they’ll have their work cut out for them weeding through prospects to make the perfect choice.

With a war chest of assets. Sam Presti could very well opt to throw the kitchen sink at any team in order to trade up higher into the draft.


Presti traditionally has a knack for doing the bizarre and unthinkable. Only one thing is certain: Draft night is sure to be a wild ride.