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Dennis Schroder: My Family Didn't Raise me to Hurt Somebody Intentionally

Dennis Schroder says his below the belt hit on P.J. Tucker, which caused him to get ejected, wasn't intentional.
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Dennis Schroder says his below the belt hit on P,.J Tucker was unintentional. "It's just unfortunate." 

"I've seen the video I went between his legs, it's unfortunate I went between his legs, but for me, it's not on purpose."...."It shouldn't be a flagrant two."

The foul occurred midway through the third quarter when Tucker set a screen on Schroder. In his effort to fight thought it, Schroder hit Tucker in the groin. 

Tucker retaliated by head-butting Schroder, and the two were ejected. After the game Oklahoma City Head coach Billy Donovan said. 

"First thing, it was obviously an illegal screen."..."And it was kind of a bang-bang play."

"P.J. obviously after the play was over kinda head-butted Dennis, so they certainly had to eject him.".."And I don't know if they felt like they had to eject Dennis because they ejected P.J."

Per Royce Young of ESPN, the NBA security interviewed  Tucker about the head-butt. Crew chief James Capers spoke to a pool reporter explaining how the league determined to kick both players out of Saturday's game. 

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"A screen action at the perimeter occurred as Schroder attempted to get through the screen, delivers an unnecessary and excessive act in the groin of Tucker."

 "Tucker gets up and head-butts Schroder."... "The action of Schroder is a Flagrant Penalty two."... "The action of Tucker is an automatic ejection technical foul."

"What led us to replay was a hostile act situation."  "So, when we went there, we got the play right."

The beef between Schroder and Tucker goes back to their days in the BBL. "We've been on each other since 2012 when we played in Germany together."..."It's never that we're competitors; we try and go out there and compete as hard as we can."..."But, me myself, my family didn't raise me that way to hurt somebody intentionally." 

Schroder had 19 points in 21 minutes and had even outscored Houston's bench by himself before he left the game. It's likely the Thunder would still be in a 3-2 hole, even if Schoder had not been disqualified, but Oklahoma City is a heck of a lot better with him than without him. 

Game 6 between the Rockets and Thunder tips-off Monday at 8 pm on Fox Sports Oklahoma and 97.1 The Sports Animal in Tulsa. 

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