Keith Smith, "Thunder Can Keep Lu Dort on two-way Contract

Keith Smith of Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Thunder can keep Lou Dort on a two-way contract though the rest of the season.

We are continuing to learn more about how the NBA is planning to operate inside the bubble. Teams Will be allowed to bring 17 players to the Wide World of Sports Complex, which includes players on two-way contracts.  

The prevailing thought was teams would be limited to 15 players in the bubble. Per Keith Smith of Yahoo Sports, the Thunder will not have to put Lu Dort on a full NBA deal. 

Instead, Oklahoma City can let his contract play out thought the playoffs, then sign Dort as a restricted free agent during the offseason. Under normal circumstances, two-way players are limited to 45 days in the NBA and ineligible for the playoffs. 

  Sam Presti was asked if he intended to sign Dort to a full-time contract before the season went on hiatus. " He's clearly someone that we want to have with us going forward, and that would be my expectation." 

"That would be my hope."... "That could be something that happens in the short-term; it could be something that happens later, I don't know. We're just in an uncertain time. But certainly, he's a guy that we'd love to have with us, and we'll work to find ways to make that happen."

Dort has started in 21 games; he's averaging six points in 22 minutes, shooting 41 percent from the floor and 30 percent from beyond the arc. While being a defensive specialist, Dort exploded for 23 against the Kings in January while going 5 of 6 from three. 

Presti has also said there is a chance Andre Roberson could play if he's healthy, it will be interesting to see see how many minutes Roberson gets if Dort can play to the level he has before the unscheduled break.