Hard for NBA Players to Speak out against Chris Paul and LeBron James

There is a Zoom call scheduled for tonight where a "significant number" of players will discuss a new vote to restart the season.
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As the NBA prepares for a 22-Team restart, there are reports that the players association "rank and file" have been afraid to speak out against Chris Paul and LeBron James while they push to get the season back on track. Tonight as many as 200 players who feel there voice wasn't heard when the union voted to further negotiate with the league will take part in a Zoom meeting to discuss what action they can take. 

According to Yahoo, Kyrie Irving is organizing the call. Irving believes players should consider sitting out in light of the current social injustice concerning George Floyd and the COVID-19 crisis.  

The Thunder did not return messages saying if any of their players would take part in tonight's meeting. An unnamed player says, "What message are we sending by agreeing to this during this time?." 

"We're out here marching and protesting, and yet we all leave our families in these scary times and gather to perform at a place where the owners won't be at?"..." What type of sense does that make?"

"We'll be going backward."... "That place isn't that magical." 

The Lakers' Kyle Kuzma, whose team is atop of the Western Conference standings tweets, "Some of us want to hoop and compete, don't get that twisted." Former Thunder forward Jerami Gant tells Chris Hayes he's not sure if returning is the right thing to do. 

Howard Beck of Bleacher Report is reporting that players want more freedom inside the bubble. One agent is estimating that 2/3 of the leagues' top 40 players would refuse to play under the current restrictions. 

Players could leave the Disney campus but would face a ten-day quarantine if they have two positive tests.  Disney employees will also have to undergo a daily test while wearing personal protective gear at all times. 

If the season is canceled, owners could terminate the CBA, plus players stand to lose $645,000,000.