Oklahoma City Thunder fan Gets Love of NBA from Mom

Coy Hunnicutt had the NBA passed down from his mom. Now, she makes sure he is up to date on all things basketball.
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The word dedication can mean many things to fans. For some, it's a ride or die mentality that means defending your favorite players at the slightest criticism.

For others, it's wearing that lucky shirt every game or painting your face to look like an orange and blue Ace Freely for when the Trailblazers are in town. 

For factory worker Coy Hunnicutt, it means spending three hours driving when he's lucky enough to have tickets getting home at midnight then waking up at 4:45 that same morning to go to work. Not for nothing, Coy also works a 12 hour day; dedication might be putting it mildly.  

 Most of us would crack open a can of Miller Lite, find our favorite chair, and root for the Thunder from the comfort of our home under those circumstances. However, Coy uses Thunder games to spend time with his girlfriend and son. 

"He enjoys it more than pretty much anything, and so does she."..."She gets fired up, and I get fired up." .."We've got to see some big games this year, we got to see the defending champs the Raptors come in, we got to see the Bucks come in, we got to see Westbrook's return."

"It's kind of a bummer; I catch myself checking my phone on the standings."..."I've been enjoying our come up from getting past that eighth seed threshold to getting past the Rockets."  

Coy is not the only member of his family feeling the sting of an NBA season on hold. His 67-year-old mother Patrica is losing out on her primary source of entertainment.  

Patrica's love for the association is how Coy became a fan. There isn't a night where her TV isn't on TNT, NBA TV, or Fox Sports Oklahoma.

Regardless of who's playing, she's watching, and if she gets the sense, Coy isn't up to speed on how LeBron or Kawhi is doing, she will text him. Coy, like many of us, is getting alerts on his phone for breaking news, scores, and player movement. 

You get the feeling after talking to him; his mom might be a better source of news than Chris Mannix. Hopefully, Coy and Patrica will be watching games with the rest of us by mid-May. 

But, if not, at least we are making new friends.  

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