Sam Presti, Lu Dort, " He's Clearly Someone That we Want to Have With us Going Forward"

There is still a lot to decide about Lu Dort's Future with the Oklahoma City Thunder, but it's clear Sam Presti is expecting him to be a part of the organization.

Lou Dort is making an impression during his rookie season with the Oklahoma City Thunder. One of his biggest fans is General Manager Sam Presti.  

Presti was asked Sunday if he intended to sign Dort to a full NBA contract before the season came to a halt in March. Presti says, "he's clearly someone that we want to have with us going forward, and that would be my expectation."..." That would be my hope. That could be something that happens in the short-term; it could be something that happens later, I don't know. We're just in an uncertain time."

 "But certainly, he's a guy that we'd love to have with us, and we'll work to find ways to make that happen."  According to ESPN, the Thunder could sign Dort to full NBA contract on June 22nd. 

The league and the NBPA are discussing how to replace players who test positive for COVID-19 or get injured. Some of those talks center on how to use players on two-way contracts. 

 If there is a positive test or an injury during training camp, or the eighth game of the regular season, teams would be able to sign players with no limitations. However, that pool of players would have restrictions. 

Players would have to have been signed by the NBA, G-League, or have been signed during training camp. For example, the Thunder couldn't sign Alex Abrines because he was not on an NBA contract; also, international players are not eligible to play. 

The league is hoping to allow teams to convert two-way players to full-time NBA contracts between June 22nd and July 1st. Pesti says, "I think we're awaiting some clarity on that. We don't have it yet officially."

 "Obviously, there are still conversations taking place between the Players' Association and the league, and those things have to be finalized, but clearly that's something that we're focused on to try to learn and interpret, and we have plenty of time before we're actually going to be heading down to Orlando."

"Those things will clarify themselves. I wish I had something I could give you to report on them specifically, but I don't have that yet."