Sam Presti "We've got to be Resourceful"

Sam Presti addresses what's ahead for small markets in the NBA while facing financial uncertainty.
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Sam Presti's mentality isn't changing in the face of uncertain times. Sunday, when asked about what lies ahead for small markets, Presi said, "certainly like any team or most teams, we've got to be resourceful and figure out ways to work within the parameters that we have." 

The Thunder have always operated in a resourceful way. But, does a pending financial crisis in the NBA mean that Presti will be less prone to take risks? 

The salary cap Is going to drop next season, which means teams are going to dip into the luxury tax easier than what they have in the past. Less money force all organizations to part with players they might keep during a more stable time. 

Presti and Clay Bennett also have to worry about soon fans will be allowed to attend games and how much that will affect revenue sharing across the league. What all this means for Thunder fans is you're less likely to trades for players like Paul Geroge. 

The Thunder are going to be more "fiscally responsible" unless three is a genuine feeling that a move for a super-star will bring a ring, Presti and Bennett will want to keep young, low salary players and hopefully sign them before they make it to restricted free agency. All small markets are going to be in the same situation, and even some bigger market teams are going to be more cautious in the interest of the bottom line.    

If you're worried that the Thunder will flounder, don't, with a boatload of draft picks over the next few seasons, and 2020 free agents not likely to the money they're looking for there are deals to be made. Presti knows What lies ahead, but because the NBA doesn't want him talking about the league's financial future he won't go into detail. 

"I wish I could be more specific. I would just tell you like for sure it's going to affect us like it's going to affect any other business."... "But the extent, I think, is somewhat unknown because there's still a lot to be determined relative to the following season."