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Wojnarowski: Players Vote to Resume Season

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN is reporting that players will continue the season
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 The NBA season will continue. According to reports, key members of the Lakers and other players stayed up all night talking through issues in the bubble. 

This news is courtesy of ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. Last night the Lakers and the Clippers voted to end the season, while the rest of the teams in the bubble (including the Thunder) wanted to continue playing. 

Lebron James left the meeting as his teammates' and the Clippers followed behind.  One of the most significant issues facing the NBAPA is, would players be better off using the platform of the playoffs to speak on social justice or would they be better off going home and doing work in their commutes. 

The Bucks and Magic were supposed to play game five of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals yesterday afternoon; the game was canceled after the Bucks refused to take the court.  In a show of solidarity, the Thunder, Lakers, Trailblazers, and Rockets all decided to sit out as well. 

After the Clippers beat Dallas on Tuesday, Doc Rivers spoke about the shooting of Jacob Blake. 

"All you hear is Donald Trump and all of them talking about fear."..."We're the ones getting killed."

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"We're the ones getting shot.".. "We're the ones that we're denied to live in certain communities."

"We've been hung."... "We've been shot."... "And all you do is keep hearing about fear."

Last night Rivers spoke to players about poke about holding police more accountable for their actions, voting, and continuing to speak out. Billy Donovan says things are going on in America that is bigger than basketball. "When I set down and talk to a black man or someone I've worked with (a co-worker) or a player, and you hear the way they have to educate their kids about when they get pulled over by the police those are conversations I've never had with my children ever."

Whatever happens today, the Thunder will have the full backing of the organization Sam Presti and Clay Bennett have made it clear they will support their players when they chose to stand up for what they believe in. 

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