Video: Why Mark Cuban's Playoff Plan is Bad for the NBA

We'll tell you why Mark Cuban's plan to bring all 30 teams back and resume the season is bad for the NBA.
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If you play for the Dallas Mavericks, you can never accuse Mark Cuban of not having your back. In the playoff proposal, Cuban submitted to the NBA; it's clear the Mavericks and money are his top priorities. 

Under Cuban's plan, all 30 teams will descend on Orlando playing five to seven games to finish out the regular season before a play-in tournament to decide the final two playoff seeds.  The Top 10 teams from each conference qualify for the postseason and are reseeded based on their records. 

The bottom four teams would participate in two play-in matchups with 18 playing 19 and 17 playing 20, either in a one and done scenario or a best of three series. While this may look good at first glance, it's entirely self-serving. 

If the NBA were just to bring back the 16 teams who are in the postseason now and resume the regular playoff of schedule, Cuban's Mavericks would play the Clippers in the first round. If the league were to seed the current playoff teams, 1-16 Dallas is in the 13th slot, and they would still have to play the Clippers. 

No doubt, Cuban wants those five or seven regular-season games played with the hopes of improving his team's seeding. For this reason alone, the board of governors should shoot down this idea. 

However, if watching Cuban wrangle the best situation for his team isn't enough to make your stomach churn, there is always the idea that if not all 30 teams play, it will financially impact local television contracts.   In April, Cuban said, "We're gonna put safety first, and we're not gonna take any chances.".."We're not gonna do anything that risks the health or safety of our players, our fans, our staff or the whole organization."

If owners are serious about players and essential personnel's health, then you must limit the number of teams coming back to play. Cuban understands what is at stake, and now is not the time to play with people's lives for your gain. 

Hopefully, the other owners will see the flaw in Cuban's logic to make his proposal a moot point.