Andre Roberson Moves Rehab to Los Angeles.

Erik Gee

Andre Roberson will not be returning to the Thunder any time soon. A team spokesperson told the media today that Roberson will be continuing his rehab in Los Angeles for a "change of scenery."  This is the least surprising news to come from the Thunder this season.  Roberson hasn't played in a game since injuring his left knee in Detroit in January of 2018.  

Billy Donovan has been asked about Roberson's health several times this season, his responses have been vague at best. His most telling comment came a couple of weeks ago when Donovan said that Roberson, as well as the medical staff, would determine when he returned to the floor.  At that point, red flags went up and you couldn't help but wonder if Roberson trusted his body enough to ever play competitive basketball. 

Roberson taking leave is one of the best things to happen to the team this season. As cold as that sounds when you put it into perspective, there are no more questions hanging over Terrance Ferguson's head, except for maybe if a healthy Hamidou Diallo deserves to be playing more minutes. This also gives the Thunder one less decision to make when it comes to this team's future. 

The Thunder are still on the hook for 10 point seven million dollars owed to Roberson on the last year of his contract. It's not the worst deal Sam Presti has made, that still goes to Ronnie Price who stole two-million guaranteed and never played a second for Oklahoma City. It is though a less in loyalty and why it's overrated in sports.  The Thunder may have moved from Seattle, but in a lot off ways, they are a young franchise still trying to figure out the business of the NBA.

For Roberson, it's time to get healthy mentally and find out if basketball is in your future. If it is, then this change of scenery may be what was needed.