Chris Paul: "It's Been Refreshing Being In Oklahoma"

Erik Gee

 Where is Chris Paul is on the evolution of his career? "I'm sorta like refreshed actually.".."I was having an amazing time out in L.A., and that first year in Houston was unbelievable, it was just a different way of playing, but the ultimate goal was to win a championship." .."But in that time had that terrible injury, ya know being injured you can lose confidence all this different type stuff going through your head ya know what I mean."..."But, it's been refreshing being in Oklahoma, and the biggest thing too is being healthy." 

Going back to when he found out he was getting traded to the Thunder. "Basketball-wise, I wasn't trippin'; I was just mad about my family."..."But, I was already puttin' the work in for right now."..."So when the trade happened, I was like ok, cool, I'm workin'." 

On what it's been like having his family in Houston while he is in Oklahoma City. "It's been tough, it's been tough, but I can see the positives and the negatives." ..." I think one of the positives it's really allowed me to hone in on my body and my time and doin' all that different type of stuff, but that's still not my normal." ..."After games, I'm used to seeing my kids, seeing my wife, and spending that time with them."..."So this season is what it is, so you're gonna keep riding it out, keep figuring it out, um, I'm having a lot of fun."

What did Paul expect from this team when the season started? "I expected our record to be better.".."I think we started off like six and 11."...

What was the turning point for the Thunder's season? "We just started playing better."..."I think though those sort of trials earlier in the season when we were losing those closer games, we were learning."..."Now when we get into all these close games we expect to win, we sorta know what we're gonna do."..."So to have 33 wins, you can't go back; we're happy where we are, and we're gonna keep growing."  

Paul and the Thunder are back it Friday night at 7 when they host the Nuggets. You can watch Oklahoma City/Denver on Fox Sports Oklahoma and ESPN.