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Holmgren Shows Blocking Sklillset at Pro-Am

Chet Holmgren put on a show on Saturday alongside Paolo Banchero.

Chet Holmgren decided to show off on Saturday.

At the CrawsOver Pro-am, Holmgren showed his skills and stood out as one of the better players on the court.

In a fun night of basketball Holmgren turned the heads of Thunder fans and NBA media.

Holmgren posted an impressive eight blocks on Saturday at the pro-am. It’s a skill that he’s been known to have, but he continues to bring it to a higher level.

In college, he was an elite shot blocker. In the Summer League, he was much of the same. Now, he’s showing it off in pro-ams.

With the Thunder in desperate need for shot blocking bigs, Holmgren is proving his worth out of the No. 2 pick slot.

On top of the eight blocks, Holmgren posted 34 points, on reported efficient shooting numbers. He hit multiple 3-point shots, and the jumper was falling with ease.

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He notched a double-double adding 13 rebounds to his stat line. Holmgren also used his long frame to grab four steals.

While the Pro-Am is far from an NBA-level game, Holmgren showcased his skills with plenty of high level players around him.

Holmgren has a high ceiling and high expectations for his rookie season and with the numbers he’s posted in the off-season, it could be a big year for the Thunder’s first pick of the 2022 draft.

The rookies who came to the pro-am put on shows. Paolo Banchero scored 50 points to add to Holmgren’s impressive night.

With the season around the corner, any extra work will help Holmgren get ready for the NBA level. 

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