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LISTEN: Five Questions Heading Into Thunder's Season Opener

Discussing if Shai Gilgeous-Alexander can be an All-Star, if the Thunder will make any significant roster moves this season and what young players we see being real building blocks for this roster moving forward. We discuss that and much more on this episode of The Uncontested Podcast.

Answering five pressing questions about the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Uncontested crew starts the show discussing whether or not Shai Gilgeous-Alexander can be an All-Star this season. With the level of guard depth in the Western Conference and a non-competitive roster, they think it could be tough for Gilgeous-Alexander to make the squad. Additionally, are there any other prospects on the roster outside of him that should be considered core building blocks of the team?

Next, what kind of roster moves, if any, would Sam Presti make this season? Is there a trade that would make sense to make before the 2022 Draft? The Thunder also have a wide array of young players to provide playing time to. How many of them are true building blocks for this franchise?

The Uncontested also discussed general team quality, including win totals and whether or not OKC will have to intentionally tank, or if playing their youth will lose them enough games as is.

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