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Mike Muscala’s Return Could Help Oklahoma City's Newest Addition

The return of veteran Mike Muscala offers more than just on-court positives.

As reported on Thursday, Mike Muscala will be returning to the Oklahoma City Thunder on a 1-year deal for the veteran minimum.

Not only is Muscala’s return good from an on-court perspective, his presence for the organization in general could be invaluable.

Standing at 6-foot-10, the 31-year-old forward has been around the block in the NBA, raining threes for four different teams in his 10-year career.

Oklahoma City’s newest addition, 7-foot floor spacer Chet Holmgren is looking to do the same. And there’s close to no better mentor than floor-spacing big man Mike Muscala.

Mike Muscala
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Muscala is a career 37 percent shooter from beyond the arc, a fairly remarkable clip for a shooter of his size. He’s averaged 2.5 threes per game, and has made 410 triples in total in his career.

Holmgren had similar marks in his lone season at Gonzaga, shooting 3.3 threes per game and cashing in on 39 percent of those.

Muscala will likely have a hand in Holmgren’s outside development. They both function well from the trailer spot, and Muscala likely has even more to offer in the ways of general NBA floor-spacing.

Holmgren’s dream development turns him into a rim-running, shot-blocking, floor-spacing matchup nightmare who can eventually create for himself.

Armed with veterans such as Muscala, Presti likely plans to make that dream a reality starting with the upcoming season.

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