Milwaukee Bucks Working out to Play Games, Jeff Van Gundy Doesn't see the NBA Coming Back

Erik Gee

There is a good chance you couldn't care less about the Milwaukee Bucks after that 133-86 beating they put on the Thunder back in February. However, in these uncertain times, hope can come from the last place you expect. 

A couple of hours after Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was saying the NBA season is up in the air Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer was telling a group of reporters his team is working out as if they will play again. "We are operating and functioning and just have a mentality that we will play."

"I think it's important for players and all of us to function that way, to think that way, and it's out of our hands." And in a lot of ways, it's out of the hands of the league as well. 

Cuban says health experts must say it's safe before the NBA will consider putting players back on the court. "We're gonna put safety first, and we're not gonna take any chances."... "We're not gonna do anything that risks the health or safety of our players, our fans, our staff or the whole organization.".. "I really don't have anything new to say."

The Bucks are staying in contact with each other and doing film work, and working out as best they can from home. Next week there a chance they could start a video chat.

Chirs Paul says he is watching clips as well as keeping in shape during his time off. What must be pointed out is that Paul and the Bucks are keeping a positive mental attitude while the world around them is in chaos.

  We'll make it through COVID-19 and come out the better for it. It won't be easy, but Oklahoman's are a resilient people.  

If we can overcome tornados, earthquakes, and blowing 3-1 lead to Warriors, we handle a virus. Hey, you got this. 

Van Gundy Not Optimistic:

Jeff Van Gundy doesn't see the NBA, NHL, or MLB playing this season. "The NBA, the NHL, Major League Baseball, those will not take place."... And I don't think football  college or the NFL  will start on time because, until we start developing a herd immunity to it, we come up with a protocol to treat it, or a vaccine becomes available, I don't see games being played."

Van Gundy tells the Boston Globe one of the significant issues is having another player contract COVID-19. "I understand how you can start again, but what's the plan if the next person gets sick, like another Rudy Gobert-type of situation, we're going to play through it? 

"Are we going to cancel it again? That, to me, is why I don't see any of these things taking place."

He might be right, but until Adam Silver closes the door on the season returning, I'm going to hold out hope.