NBA Determined to Crown a Champ

Erik Gee

The NBA is hopeful they will be able to crown a champion for the 2019-2020 season. The association would like to have a 16-team playoff in one location and a five to seven-game regular-season ramp up.  

"Nothing is off the table," according to Marc Berman of the New York York Post. The Playoffs could range from being best of three series to a one and done tournament.  

The most likely city for this tournament would be Las Vegas. You have two arenas with the Thomas and Mack Center and Cox Pavilion on UNLV's campus, plus there are enough hotels and workout facilities that all 30 teams could be accommodated. 

The Bahamas, Hawaii, Orlando, Atlantic City, and Lousiville are also being discussed as possible locations.  The NBA is also mindful of the fact that regional networks have contracts that allow them to broadcast a minimum of 70 games.  

The 70 game clause is to prevent marquee teams from being regulars on exclusive nationally televised broadcast. While all these scenarios are being tossed around, ESPN is reporting that the Chinese Basketball Association is having their restart delayed again. 

CBA players are being told that there will be a season; however, the league hasn't played since January. On Monday, Chris Paul told NBA TV that players would need time to get ready before games tipoff. 

Paul says the decision to start back up will not come from Adam Silver alone. Former Knicks coach Jeff  Van Gundy says the NBA could still cancel the rest of this season.    

"It's going to be hard to get it back going. I would suspect it will be very difficult."... "The good thing is I trust Adam Silver to do what's right and best and not what is in the best interest of money."

"If it does (go on), that will be great because you know Adam is putting no one unnecessarily in harm's way.".. "I hope I'm wrong. I hope in June, July; it's safe for our players to go back to work. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised."

Shaq And The Tiger King:

Oklahomans have known Joe Exotic for years; now, the nation is finding out about the eccentric owner of the GW Zoo.  Shaquille O'Neal made a few trips to Wynnewood to hang with Joe, and now he is under fire.  

"We're there, and I dropped some donations for the tigers' foods and all that.".. "We take pictures with [the] tigers." 

"We went back a couple of times.".. "Then we go back another time, and we found out that he's involved with all the stuff, and then, actually, I stopped going."

In Shaq's defense, most people saw Joe as the crazy tiger guy. Not sure how many of us knew before his trial and conviction just how bad a cat (pun intend) he was. 

Your Turn:

If the NBA comes back, would you be cool with a one and done tournament to determine the champion? Just click the comment box below. Also, feel free to boo my Joe Exotic pun.