Did MLS Give us a Preview of What to Expect With the NBA

Erik Gee

The Match between Toronto FC and DC United for the MLS is Back tournament was suspended on Sunday after one positive coronavirus test and another inconclusive. Since then both players have tested negative, however, because, the Toronto club had only arrived in Disney six days before the match MLS protocol called for the game to be postponed.

A statement from the League reads. 

"Under the league's health and safety protocols, clubs are tested the day before each match. The results of yesterday's tests for D.C. United and Toronto FC produced an initial unconfirmed positive COVID-19 case for one player and an inconclusive test for another player."

"Because of the arrival time of the clubs in Orlando, the league's protocol called for retesting both teams this morning and to await the results of those tests prior to playing the match."

"Major League Soccer will continue to prioritize the health and safety of all participants of the MLS is Back Tournament in making these decisions."

The two players were quarantined immediately for a second test; there will also be another test later on Sunday after that if both players show negative, they can return to play. Their teammates also had follow-up administered as a precaution.

The NBA is doing everything they can to avoid a situation like this inside the bubble. Players are tested daily, there is an app where players and coaches can log their temperatures, sensors to let you know when somebody it too close to you, touch-free entry into buildings, and smart rings that monitor your heart, pulse, and sleep. 

If this weren't enough, there is even a hotline where you can report someone who violated one of the thousands (not an exact number) rules the NBA laid out in their 100-page memo. Even with all these measures in place, there is no guarantee for another outbreak; even Adam Silver acknowledges that a series of positive could "pop" the bubble. 

The Finals are scheduled to run from September 30th-October 13th it's reasonable to think the NBA won't hit every target date once the restart being on July 30th. Let's just hope that any setbacks or schedule changes are kept to a minimum. 

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