Podcast: Andre Roberson Won't Give us a Target Date on When He'll Return to the Lineup.

Erik Gee

In this episode of the SI Thunder Maven podcast, we'll tell you how to read between the lines of what Andre Roberson, Sam Presti, and Billy Donovan are all saying about Dre's return to the Thunder lineup. The Thunder say they are being conservative with Dre's minutes, but, is there a chance that Dre could be keeping himself off the court? 

Also, we'll tell you which team originally thought to be in the race for Chirs Paul's services might be having second thoughts due to their tax situation. And why would the Thunder sign and waive three players in a matter of hours? It's easy to explain, and it benefits all parties.

Darius Bazley and Mike Muscala will fill you in on what the Thunder's mindset is going into the season. Plus, there is a very simple reason the NBA needs to continue to business in China that no one is talking about. Give us twenty-two minutes and we'll give you all this plus, some discussion on SGA and Terrance Ferguson.