Steven Adams, no Advantage for Lower Seeded Teams

Erik Gee

Steven Adams doesn't put too much stock into there being no home-court advantage inside the NBA's bubble. "Since there's no home-court advantage, it's an even playing field for everyone." 

"This is just a whole different kettle of fish."...."The good thing about being at home is you've already established your routines." 

"Over there, everyone's taken away from their home."..."They've gotta figure out their own routine, so it's a bit more even."

"I wouldn't put that much value on it, mate." The Thunder is 19-4 on the road since the start of December, so it's not as if paying away from the Peake presents a tremendous challenge for Oklahoma City. 

The real issue will be staying healthy and remaining engaged while you're stuck in Orlando with no end to this road trip. While Billy Donovan doesn't know how his team will perform when they get to training camp he doesn't worry about chemistry.

"You may have a week or ten-day road trip; this is clearly a lot more significant than that."..."This biggest thing is, is that we've got a great group of guys, we've had really good chemistry, I think staying together, supporting each other, helping each other is going to be really really critical."

If there is any advantage to be gained in the bubble, it will go to the team that is most focused on the tasks at hand. As Adams points out, most of the "stars aren't young" and are either starting families or have families, and it will be imperative for all involved to take advantage of the mental health service the NBA is providing. 

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