Thunder forward Kenrich Williams hustling into leadership role

Oklahoma City forward Kenrich Williams has hustled himself into not only a longterm role with the team, but a leadership role as well.
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Oklahoma City forward Kenrich Williams has continued to live up to his nickname.

Deemed “Kenny Hustle” by his peers at TCU, Williams is everywhere, slipping, sliding and dashing across the hardwood every chance he gets.

Williams, the third-year player acquired in the Steven Adams trade, has undoubtedly hustled himself into a long-term role with the Thunder.

But he’s also hustled himself into a leadership role with the team.

Kenrich Williams, Cleveland Cavaliers

“Over time, regardless of what circumstance we’ve put him in, he’s thrived,” Daigneault said of Williams in pregames Thursday. “He may be, among his peers, just from my observation, the most respected guy in the locker room — It’s literally something he’s built with the team from the ground up.”

The third-year has had one of his best seasons to date with Oklahoma City, averaging 7.7. points, 4.2 rebounds and 2.2 assists in 64 games. Williams plays an average of 21.5 minutes per game.

At 26-years-old, Williams is the second oldest active player on the Thunder roster, trailing only new signee Gabriel Deck.

Williams doesn’t quite line up with OKC’s current rebuild timeline, but his hustle-type play and locker room leadership are invaluable to the organization.

“Hands down,” Thunder guard Ty Jerome responded when asked if Williams was a leader. “That’s definitely the truth. I think in a short time he’s become one of our leaders, one of the guys we look to. Everyone’s well respected and he’s definitely kind’ve the head of it.”

“I enjoy the way he works, his attitude and approach everyday — If it was up to him he’s play 48 minutes every night, and play hard for every minute on the court.”