Thunder/Kings Game Thread

Erik Gee

Time to get back to work for the Oklahoma City Thunder. After a day off, the Thunder are in Sacramento tonight to face the Kings for a 9 pm tipoff. Terrance Ferguson is out due to personal reasons, while Abdel Nader is available, Nader had been suffering from a sprained left knee. Chris Paul is also back with the Thunder after taking Monday off in the wake of Kobe Bryant's passing.

 Having Paul back will provide a huge emotional boost for a team that couldn't overcome a 16 point deficit at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks. Paul's fourth-quarter heroics (112 clutch points) have helped spur the Thunder to the third-best record in the NBA since Thanksgiving. This is one of the reasons the Clippers may be interested in making a deal with Oklahoma City for Paul's services. For more on that check out the rest of my story on Inside the Thunder. 

First Quater:

7:03 Thunder start off with a 7-4 lead 

Thunder rebounding already improved on the offensive end from where they were against the Mavericks. 

Also, every time Lou Dort makes a three the thought has to be crossing Sam Presti's mind that Oklahoma City is better off with him in the starting lineup vs. Ferguson. 

The mask doesn't seem to affect Noel, the shot still looks smooth and he isn't any less aggressive than he was before the surgery. 

SGA with the denial!  

Thunder shooting 39.1 percent and 25 percent from beyond the arc. Up 23-16 at the end of one. 

Second Quarter:

Schroder doing a great job on Buddy Hield on that trip down the floor. Hield just 1 of 3 to start the night. 

Nice job of getting Bazley open in the corner, for the first time since I've been covering OKC basketball (Ok, last three years) it feels like there are enough scorers on the floor that the defense is getting more sucked in leaving guys wide open. 

OKC with five offensive rebounds with 6:54 to go in the half.  Thunder had just six in 48 minutes on Monday vs. the Mavericks. 

Lou Dort is shooting with such confidence. 3 of 3 from beyond the arc and nine points. His defensive confidence is leading to him be able to perform on the offensive end. Nice job of drawing the foul and trying to get three at the line.  

Dennis was showing off with that no look to Noel. That was the 49th alley-oop dunk for Noel. Thank you Fox Sports for the assist on the information. 

I'm biased, but Schroder has to be the sixth man of the year. 14 points in 18 minutes.  

59-47 Thunder at the half. OKC 47.6 percent from the field and 40.0 percent from three.

Third Quarter:

Good timeout by Donovan. That being said, with as professional as the Thunder are, it's hard to imagine they can't play themselves back into any game. 

Love the Kiwi rip move by Steven Adams. Oh, and Lou Dort now has four from three-point range. 

The Thunder have outscored the Kings 10-2 since Donovan's timeout. 

Dort is willing to do anything for this team. This cat has no fear, he knew he was going to get fouled hard and still went to the rim on that play. 

At this point what Dort is doing is just criminal. Fifth three of the night. 

The Kings have the Thunder almost doubled up on fast break points 20-11. Thunder dominating the boards though 33-23.  

Thunder go into the fourth with a 96-76 lead despite the Kings shooting 50 percent from the field.  OKC is 52 percent from the field and 13/29 from three. So yes someone other than Dort can hit from beyond the arc.