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Erik Gee

First Quarter:

First the first time this season Danilo Gallinari is available on the second night of a back to back. 

I don't recognize any of the Pistons starting five.  I love Jonn Henson's work with the Muppets, now let's see if he can ball. 

Donovan is making the right move with starting Gallinari tonight. You're fighting for the four/five seed in the west. You need everybody on the floor. 

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander gets Oklahoma City off to a good start, and then Paul follows the three up with a steal and score.  

Billy Donovan says the Thunder needs to be more aggressive in the first part of the game. So far, they are giving him what he wants. 

I don't care if the Thunder shoots another three all game.  If you can get to the rim with this much ease, keep attacking. The Pistons have no answer for the Thunder in the paint. 

And Yes, I want to hear Michael Cage drop more TLC references. 

Paul is 4/4 from the field with nine points. 

Great hustle play by Schroder. The Thunder are going to need to play with intensity like that for the rest of the season. 

Thunder ending the quarter on a 9-0, and Adams is showing some nice touch around the rim. Pistons won the battle in the paint 14-12. 

Second Quarter:

Langston Galloway with some insane range on that shot! From 27 feet out and give Thon Maker the assist. 

Way to stay with the play, Schroder is playing his tail off right now and getting shoved down, then having the wear with all to get up and make the steal leading to Nader scoring in transition. 

The Thunder are dominating inside 28-16.  The Pistons have only scored two points in the paint this quarter. 

Noel with a pretty non-paint two there. The Thunder are unconscious, shooting 67.5 percent from the field and 57.1 percent from three. 

 This is only the third and fourth free-throws the Thunder have taken this game. 

65-69 at the half. Schroder, Paul, and Gilgeous-Alexander all in double-figures. 

Third Quarter:

I realize Detroit is the 8th best three-point shooting team in the NBA, but the Thunder have to keep attacking the pain. 38-24 Oklahoma City on paint points. You're just going to have to defend better on the parameter. 

Gilgeous-Alexander is starting to take over this game. 9/10 from the floor with 20 points. 2/4 from three.

 Shai with the and one going to the rim, completing the three-point play. 

Thon Maker, you can only hope to contain him. 

Dort was lucky he didn't get called for a travel. No one needed that three more than Ferguson. I hope it sticks. Ferguson is getting killed right now; it's nice to see him have success. I don't know how you can't root for the guy considering everything he's been through this season. 

Why would Thon Maker foul Steven Adams, when he's trying to make a football pass? There's no way he was going for a shot. I don't care what happened in New Orleans. Three free-throws.  He goes 0-3, so I guess since it was Maker's first foul, it wasn't I dumb as I first thought.    

Fourth Quarter:

Fergurson's three won't count 94-82 to start the fourth quarter. Thunder need a good first six minutes to put this game away. 

Pistons hanging around.  102-95. Schroder with a huge turnover that leads to a 26-foot three-pointer from Christian Wood. 102-98 Thunder. 

Back to back turnovers. And the Pistons have a chance to get within one.  

4:27 left and the Pistons have a one-point lead. 

It's Closing time for the Thunder! 

That is why you let Gallinari play on the second night of a back to back! 

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