Video: Chris Paul to Play HORSE on ESPN, Plus his Resurgence Will Bring Suitors

Erik Gee

Could there a bidding war for Chris Paul this Summer? Sam Presti can only hope.  

Keep in mind, just because there could be teams interested in Paul Presti doesn't have to give him up. And if he does trade Paul, the Thunder need a king's ransom in return.  

According to CBS Sports, the Lakers, Bucks, and 76ers are the most likely to vie for Paul's services. Of these options, the 76ers are the most attractive. 

The 76ers could trade either Tobias Harris for Paul in a player for player deal. Or they could send Al Horford and a draft pick to Oklahoma City. 

At 33, Horford is still averaging 33 minutes per game, and if  Danilo Gallinari leaves, he would be an excellent replacement at power forward.

Horford also played for Billy Donovan at Florida, so you would think there wouldn't be any issues with him buying into his role with the Thunder. Harris is the more exciting of these options.

He's 27; he averages 19 points, seven rebounds, shoots 47 percent from the field, and 36 percent from three. He more than makes up for Gallinari's scoring, and you would have him under contract the next four seasons. 

If Presti pulled this deal off, your starting five might look something like this. 

Point Guard: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Shooting Guard: Lou Dort. Small Forward: Darius Bazley, Power Forward: Tobias Harris, Center: Steven Adams.  Presti (Donovan) would keep Schroder and his 19 per game coming off the bench to give the second unit a boost, plus they would still seek help on wings. 

 As fun as this might sound, I am keeping Chris Paul in Thunder Blue till he retires. He's too good of a mentor for Gilgeous-Alexander, and I honestly believe one day he will make one heck of a replacement for Presti. 

Schroder's Legal Issues: 

A lawsuit filed by CAM Capital is alleging that Dennis Schroder did damage to his former rental home in Nichols Hills. Schroder allegedly drove his car on the lawn, and patio doing harm the grass as well as the sprinkler system and concrete paving. 

He is also accused of causing "significant" damage to the water and sewer systems due to carelessness.  CAM Capital is seeking over $75,000,00 in costs.

More on Paul:

Chirs Paul will be one of the participants in ESPN's H-O-R-S-E contest. The competition will also include Trae Young of the Hawks, Zach Lavine of the Bulls, recent NBA alums, and players from the WNBA.