Video: Oklahoma City Thunder Flying Under the Radar

Erik Gee

If you embrace the idea that the whole is greater than the individual, then the Oklahoma City Thunder is the most compelling team in the NBA.  Most national talk shows want sex appeal, and with the Thunder lacking in the superstar department, they won't be a frequent topic of conversation. 

Just because Oklahoma City isn't media darlings doesn't mean they will flay under the radar when the season resumes. Depending on what format the league chooses for the playoffs, the Thunder could match up with the Heat or the Jazz.

Oklahoma City lost to Miami in January without a full complement of players while they split the season series with Utah, plus the Jazz will be without Bojan Bogdanovic, so expect them to be on high alert. 

Billy Donovan has to be curious about what he's getting with the Thunder when they return for a two-three week training camp. With having not played in almost three months, it's hard to know how cohesive his starting five will be. 

When it comes to the bench, we're going to assume that Darius Bazley's right knee bone bruise is healed. Bazley is playing in the local Skinz League, so you hope he can give Oklahoma City the 17 minutes he was playing before his injury. 

If Hamidou Diallo and Abdel Nader can score above their season averages of six points apiece and give Dennis Schroder some help, maybe the Thunder bench can hold that 39 points they've been scoring a game. In an ideal world, the Thunder will get a five-seven game warm-up before heading into the postseason. 

Most teams will take at least till the second round before becoming a reasonable facsimile of what they were in the regular season.  By then the Thunder will most likely face the Lakers, they also won't have the element of surprise on their side. But that is another topic for another day.