Video: Thunder Not Committed to Opening  Facilties on May 8th

Erik Gee

When it comes to the Oklahoma City Thunder opening team facility on May 8th, General Manager Sam Presti says "I wouldn't say we're committed to doing that. We're operating under the assumption that the league wouldn't be permitting players, staff, back unless it was safe. We're going to be thorough in how we look at it."

The NBA released a memo earlier this week saying it intended to start letting players workout in team gyms as early as next Friday. That memo also says that the league can push that date back depending on the health and safety of the players. 

Per Eric Horn of The Athletic Presti is also saying "it's incumbent on the teams to follow league leadership. There's not going to be a perfect solution when we're ready to play again. I can't give you a perfect answer. We're in uncharted territory."

The ideal situation for the NBA is to have all teams and players with the same access to gyms. However, with some states like Oklahoma set to let their shelter in place order expire on Friday while others will not, there is no perfect solution. 

One possible solution that is being reported is to have all games played on Disney's property in Orlando. It is private land that would make it easier for security to keep tabs on who's coming in and going out. 

Adam Silver is staunch on saying that the league will not put it's players and staff at risk just to finish out this season.