Why NBA Scouts Shouldn't Worry About Seeing Potential Draft Picks up Close

Erik Gee

The NBA draft is set to go for June 25th. Of course, with all things in the world, today, that is a best-case scenario. 

 As of now, teams can't fly players in for workouts, there may not be a combine, and the NBA could still be playing games in June. As Adrian Wojnarowski points out, if the season is taking place, you can't make trades realistically the draft, and free agency will happen sometime closer to September than the middle of Summer. 

When it comes to front offices being able to evaluate talent, I conceded to my co-host Pat Jones.  Pat spent 10 years coaching in the NFL and says that if the league wanted to hold the draft today, they could.  

Pat's point is that even though you can't see players up close, your scouts are always watching film and doing your due diligence. Jones also says the sooner you can get to the draft, you run less of a risk of paralysis by analysis. 

You would assume that even on lockdown Sam Presti and Thunder scouts are having conversations about what direction they will go when the draft takes place. Presti and his scouts are also likely reaching out to anyone with information about future Thunder players.   

If the NBA decides not to finish the season, Oklahoma City will have the 25th pick in the first round.  The selection was acquired after trading Jearami Grant to the Nuggets. 

Before the season tipped off, they were almost guaranteed two first-round picks. Because of their surprising success, Oklahoma City will have to give up a pick to the 76ers. 

This selection was top 20 protected, Philadephia gained the pick when they traded Grant to the Thunder for Ersan Ilyasova.

Good News:

Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell have both been cleared have been cleared of COVID-19  symptoms after completing their quarantine. Both Gobert and Mitchell were in Oklahoma City when they tested positive for coronavirus.