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The Golden State Warriors have a complicated financial situation on the horizon. With Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole, and Andrew Wiggins each eligible for contract extensions in the near future, the Warriors would be forced to exceed $400M in luxury tax and salary payments in order to retain each of their key players.

With Golden State's ownership acknowledging the unrealistic nature of paying that high of a luxury tax bill, ESPN analyst and salary cap expert Bobby Marks detailed what is looking to be an inevitable divorce between the Warriors and at least one of their extension-eligible players.

"Does ownership have an apatite to spend $400M to retain those players? That's going to be the big thing here," Marks said. "It's not going to be Boston, it's not going to be Miami, it's not going to be Toronto, it's not going to be Philly, it's not going to be Milwaukee, it's not going to be Brooklyn, it's going to be finances will break this roster up, perhaps."

Marks continued, emphasizing that ownership's willingness to pay upwards of $400M could of course save the roster; however, the current indication has been an unwillingness to do so.

"Joe Lacob has been on the record saying $400M and $500M - he told Tim Kawakami from The Athletic, 'That's not reasonable.' Well if it's not reasonable, someone is going to have to go, and someone is not going to be brought back," Marks said.

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