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The Boston Celtics blew golden opportunities in both Game 4 and Game 5 against the Golden State Warriors. For as phenomenal as they were in Game 1, those two games undid the momentum the team created early in the series. Much of that was because of the consistent complaining to the officials in Game 5 - something the whole team admits.

"Yeah, not our best moment," Al Horford said. "As you guys know, I feel like we've been able to fend those things off, especially throughout the playoffs. For whatever reason tonight, I feel like it got to us."

It wasn't just Al Horford either, Celtics head coach Ime Udoka received a technical foul in the first quarter of the game as well.

"I think it was a little bit of that throughout the game," Udoka said. "So, not necessarily only in the fourth. Probably something we shouldn't do as much, and we all did too much."

Jayson Tatum echoed the same sentiments as both his teammates and coach. While he's frustrated at the results, Tatum is confident that the Celtics will bounce back in Game 6.

"But in those situations, especially on the road, regardless if we feel like calls are going our way or not, just in those moments, we just got to be better not letting distractions, things like that, distract us," Tatum said. "Down one going into the fourth quarter, just got to focus on what's important at the time."

Jayson Tatum has no choice but to be correct in his assessment because if the Celtics lose Game 6, it's game over.

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