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It is not uncommon for analysts to spark needless debates at this point in the offseason; however, this summer has been especially deprived of meaningful content. When it comes to Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry, these debates result in disrespect much more often than they should. The latest instance came from former teammate Matt Barnes, who ranked Chris Paul's handles over Steph Curry's.

During a segment on ESPN, where Matt Barnes and Jalen Rose were ranking the top-5 ball handlers of all-time, Barnes opted for a list that went Kyrie Irving, Jason Williams, Jamal Crawford, Chris Paul, and then Steph Curry. Rose's list went Isiah Thomas, Kyrie Irving, Steph Curry, Allen Iverson, and Jamal Crawford.

While such a list is subjective, and unable to officially quantify, Chris Paul over Steph Curry is certainly a hot take. With the unprecedented defensive attention that he faces, Steph Curry's ball handling ability is what allows Golden State's offense to flourish in ways that others simply cannot. While his shooting, movement, and overall gravity each contribute in their owns ways, none of what Golden State does would be possible if Steph did not have the ball on a string.

While Jalen Rose had him top-3, which is likely more accurate, Barnes had him 5th, right behind Chris Paul. Having played with both players, Barnes did have an up close look at each of their handles, but perhaps he could benefit from some additional film.

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