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Warriors fans around the world have their eyes set on the team's newest signing, JaMychal Green. One thing fans wondered was why Green only shot 27% from three last season. 

In an introductory press conference, Green revealed the exact reason why his shooting percentages dropped - a wrist injury.

“It’s all about rest and confidence," Green said. "As long as I get my reps this summer, I’ll be good to go. I was just fighting through some things last year.”

JaMychal Green has been a fantastic swiss army knife type player throughout the majority of his career. He's a player who can defend, shoot from three, rebound, and play as an undersized center. There's a reason why the LA Clippers really wanted to keep him in the 2020-21 NBA season before Green signed with the Denver Nuggets.

The Golden State Warriors need JaMychal Green to be the version of himself that can shoot the three-ball. When looking at how the Warriors are constructed, it's very easy for Green to become that player. He'll be able to fit in seamlessly within the Warriors' offense, and can help them with small ball lineups defensively. On paper, it's mainly going to be a matter of execution for Green.

The Warriors may have given up some great players like Gary Payton II, but they've also received some great players like JaMychal Green. They have a squad that's very capable of running it back for a championship repeat.

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