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Kevin Durant wasn't in the NBA Finals this season, but he seems to do be one of the most talked-about players this off-season - most likely due to how active he's been on Twitter.

On a recent episode of The ETCs podcast, Kevin Durant revealed how much it frustrates him to hear the media poke at his relationships with his former teammates like Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook.

“Something the league has always been, dialogue about me versus my teammates," Durant said. "Me versus Russell, me versus Steph and Draymond, me versus Kyrie and James… it be irritating.” 

There's a lot of truth in what Kevin Durant is saying. It feels like every single team that he's ever been on, there's always some kind of narrative created about how he has issues with his teammates. To some degree though, that has been true. When Durant was on the Warriors, he and Draymond Green got into a huge on-court and locker room argument during his final season against the LA Clippers. Russell Westbrook also clearly showed displeasure towards Durant when Durant was on the Warriors and Westbrook was on the Thunder.

Conversely, every NBA player gets into an argument with their teammate at some point or another - it's inevitable. For some reason or another, there's always just a greater magnitude around it when it involves Kevin Durant - which is the main crux of his point that deserves validity.

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