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With reports indicating that Kevin Durant may seek a trade from the Brooklyn Nets should Kyrie Irving not re-sign, betting odds on the superstar's next team have already been released. These odds are of course only applicable should Durant indeed leave the Nets, but in that event, BetOnline has the Golden State Warriors ranked 10th likeliest to land KD.

Coming in behind the Miami Heat, Memphis Grizzles, Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix Suns, LA Clippers, New York Knicks, Portland Trail Blazers, OKC Thunder, and Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State rounds out the 10 teams BetOnline expects to land KD if he were to leave Brooklyn. Several factors go into these betting odds, all of which must be considered when looking at Golden State.

For the Warriors, there are some potential packages that could make sense for Brooklyn, but both the willingness from Golden State and Kevin Durant to entertain a reunion is where it becomes more complicated than just basketball. While Durant theoretically has little say in a trade, most players of his caliber get an opportunity to speak into their next destination.

For now, it is interesting to see the Warriors mentioned as a potential favorite to land Durant if he were to leave the Nets. BetOnline seems to be considering several factors when developing their odds, because should it just be merely a basketball move, the Warriors could actually construct one of the more compelling packages. That said, basketball logic may not always be the primary driving force behind betting odds such as these.

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