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The Golden State Warriors have been putting on a show for their fans in Japan, and most of that starts with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. The Splash Brothers have defined an era with their dominance, and that competitive nature extends from the NBA Finals all the way down to three-point contests against their teammates.

Taking a share of first in the Tokyo three-point contest, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson took down their teammate Jordan Poole, which Klay particularly enjoyed.

"I love shooting the basketball," Klay said. "Especially on the same team as Steph, I mean I've gone against him twice in the three-point shootout, so it was nice to have a combination of the great shooting. It was nice to humble Jordan Poole."

After laughing following his shot at Poole, Klay was asked if he has ever done a combined three-point contest like the one he just did with Steph.

"I have not," Klay answered. "I'm always open to new things. That felt good, man. I was nervous when I missed my first shot... I got a name to live up to, I better make some shots."

Klay eventually heated up, and with the help of his Splash Brother Steph Curry, the duo was able to win the three-point contest. The team is having fun in Japan while ramping up for another big season.

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