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The Golden State Warriors have grabbed a 1-0 series lead over the Dallas Mavericks, blowing them out in the first game of the Western Conference Finals. Steph Curry played just 30 minutes, as his services were not needed in the fourth and final quarter. When asked about his thoughts after the game, Curry kept it simple, stating that Golden State did what they were supposed to do.

"Just the competitive spirit coming off four days rest," Steph said when asked about his primary takeaways from this win. "Little ugly in the first quarter, but our defense, our focus, our multiple efforts, we made it tough on them. We got momentum and then when the offense came we got a lot of separation, so we did what we were supposed to do, protect home court."

Because he placed so much emphasis on his team's defense, Steph Curry was asked specifically what Andrew Wiggins did well on Luka Doncic. "He's just showing everybody what he's capable of in terms of impacting winning," Curry said of Wiggins. "Last series he demonstrated he's ready for this moment, and Game 1 he stepped up. I'm happy for him, because eight years in the league, this is his moment."

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was asked the same question, and said that "I thought Wiggs was fantastic. [Luka] Doncic is as difficult of a cover as there is in this league... He did a fantastic job. Wiggs is just a huge part of our defense and our team."

The Warriors will now look to take Game 2 at home again before heading to Dallas for games three and four.

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