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The game of basketball suffered a significant loss on Sunday morning, when it was announced that NBA legend and pioneer Bill Russell had passed away at the age of 88. Players, coaches, and fans across the league have been sharing their appreciation and love for what Russell meant to both them and game of basketball. One of the latest to do so is Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry:

Acknowledging Russell's impact on both basketball ad the world around it, Steph shared his appreciation for an unparalleled legacy. Similar sentiments continue to pour in from around the league, with players continuously acknowledging the immeasurable impact that Bill Russell's legacy had on them personally and the game they love.

No player has accomplished what Bill Russell accomplished during his career, but more importantly, few sports figures have ever impacted their game the way that Russell impacted basketball. While the winning will forever be iconic, Russell's impact on the world around him is the element of his legacy that many are remembering on this sad day.

Sharing a picture with Bill Russell that came after his first championship in 2015, Steph Curry was able to reflect on what the trailblazer and icon meant to him and the game of basketball. While this day is undeniably sad, it is also rightfully being used to celebrate the life and legacy of one of basketball's most influential and iconic people.

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