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With a chance to win the series, the Golden State Warriors came out and had their worst performance possible, losing 134-95 to a Memphis Grizzlies team missing Ja Morant. The game was a blowout from the start, as Memphis brought a 27-point lead into halftime; however, it really got out of hand in the second half, with Memphis extending their lead to as many as 52 points in that 3rd quarter.

Steph Curry, who was removed from the game midway through the 3rd along with his fellow starters, shared his thoughts after the game. "Everything. They obviously came out with a sense of urgency, and our game plan... we did everything wrong," Steph said when asked what the primary issues were.

It has been a productive postseason for Curry so far, who has found a way to make an immense impact despite his three-point shot continuing to fall at a clip much below what he has become used to; however, his three-point percentage has now dipped to 32% in the series, which is a staggering number for the game's greatest shooter.

When asked how he feels about his personal play, Steph said, "Good enough to have three wins... I don't need the kinda qualitative numbers, it's just how do you win... The only thing is I probably want to be a little more efficient with shooting the ball, but I'm not worried with that outcome either."

While this is an embarrassing loss for a Golden State Warriors team that has championship aspirations, they now have an opportunity to close the series out at home, where they have been dominant this postseason. The Memphis Grizzlies have proven all season that they can dominate without Ja Morant, and they solidified that in this Game 5 blowout.

The two teams will now travel back to San Francisco where Game 6 will tip-off on Friday evening at 7:00 PST.

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