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The Warriors lost key players in Otto Porter and Gary Payton II, but they gained some in Donte DiVincenzo and JaMychal Green. There's always going to be an acclimation period for new players, but Warriors head coach Steve Kerr already has plans to make that easier for them.

In an interview with Anthony Slater of The Athletic, Steve Kerr detailed how both Donte DiVincenzo and JaMychal Green would fit in with the team.

“Donte is a perfect fit for the way we play,” Kerr said. “The ball movement, the cutting. He’s a great cutter. He’s a really good spot-up shooter. He’s a good passer on the move. He’s not just a spot-up shooter. He’s a secondary playmaker. Pretty bouncy, but with a great feel for the game. He’s gonna fit right in.”

In the case of JaMychal Green, Kerr believes he'll be a great replacement for Otto Porter and Bjelica. 

“He’s the logical replacement for Otto and Beli,” Kerr said. “One guy replacing two. He’s capable of sort of playing either role, the four or the five. If he’s playing with Draymond, he can stretch the floor and can guard the five, while Draymond guards the four. He gives us frontcourt flexibility.”

One thing that's most concerning with JaMychal Green is how much he's been struggling to shoot from three. Green shot an alarming 27% from three last season, but he attributed that to a wrist injury. Regardless, Steve Kerr doesn't believe Green will have the same struggles with the Warriors.

“I have a lot of confidence he’ll shoot the ball well. Players generally shoot the ball better with us, I think,” said Kerr. “That’s not always true. But the space that Steph and Klay provide them along with Draymond’s passing. You saw it with Otto and Gary last year. I think JaMychal will love playing with our guys.”

The Golden State Warriors are the favorites to make it out of the western conference, but they'll need both JaMychal and DiVincenzo to make it there.

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