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The Golden State Warriors have increased exponentially in value since Steph Curry's arrival in 2009. Currently ranked the 4th most valuable franchise in all of sports, the Warriors trail only the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, and New York Knicks for the top spot. The list was recently revealed by Sportico, where the Warriors could be seen as one of four teams worth at least $6B:

For basketball fans who have been watching the league for more than a decade, seeing the Warriors this high is certainly incredible. A struggling franchise before the arrival of Steph Curry, Golden State has exploded into an absolutely dominant organization. It goes without saying, but this would have never occurred without Steph Curry's greatness.

While Steph's basketball resume is unquestionably one of the most decorated ever, his style of play is both unprecedented in style and appeal. Reinventing the way modern basketball is played, Steph's game has changed the game forever. This undoubtedly has an impact on the continuously growing value of the Golden State Warriors.

Having a franchise star like Steph Curry has several benefits, with four championships in eight years being one of them, and a top-4 most valuable franchise in sports being another. Proving he still has much more left in the tank, Golden State's stretch of dominance on the court and at the box office will likely only continue to ascend.

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