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When Draymond Green punched Jordan Poole, many people in the NBA chalked it up to "things like this happen in the NBA." Somehow, TMZ shockingly obtained footage of the punch, and it's a lot worse than it sounded.

In the video, it starts becoming glaringly clear that Draymond Green completely just sucker punched Jordan Poole. As the two were talking trash, Draymond got into Poole's face and Poole pushed him to get away. The push wasn't anything out of the ordinary, it happens in NBA games all the time. However, without even squaring up, Draymond just abruptly punched Poole in the face and connected.

Yesterday, Warriors GM Bob Myers mentioned that Draymond Green probably wouldn't miss any games over the incident and that "things like this happen." However, after seeing the footage, it's going to be tough to let Draymond Green not miss any games after a sucker punch like this. The fact that he apologized means that the Warriors are moving in the right direction, but it's going to be interesting to see how Jordan Poole responds to this moving forward.

The Warriors will be in a very tough spot at the end of the season when handling Draymond Greens' contract. He's going to want a deal that will be tough to honor, considering his age and skill set. However, Steph Curry mentioned that he and Draymond are a packaged deal. The future will be a very interesting one for the Golden State Warriors.

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