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The Golden State Warriors have looming financial complications that could change the makeup of their entire roster. With Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole, and Andrew Wiggins each eligible for massive contract extensions in the near future, Golden State would have to exceed $400M in luxury tax and salary payments to retain each of their key players.

In a recent interview with Tim Kawakami of The Athletic, Warriors GM Bob Meyers addressed this looming financial conundrum the best he could.

"I think with [Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins] and Draymond, the goal, we want all three as long as we can have them," Myers told Kawakami. "We’ve had conversations with all three players, their representatives. I’m not going to get into the likelihood or not of any of them getting done. But we know how important they are... I don’t know that we win a championship last year if you take any of them away. Draymond, his pedigree here, he’ll go down as one of the best Warriors ever to put on a uniform."

While retaining each of their key players is the goal, it has become a near mathematic impossibility for Golden State. Meyers understands that complication, and was clear that the Warriors are keeping everything on the table.

“We don’t make these decisions definitively, ‘This guy’s going to be here, this guy’s not.’ We don’t do that," Meyers told Kawakami. "Because right now, we’re not making those decisions today. So everything’s on the table. And you really have to, in my position, do your best and you owe it to the fans and the organization, to players that have helped in the way that all of those players have."

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